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Barkly West is situated on the Vaal River. Formerly known as Klipdrift (Dutch: 'stony ford'), the town began as a camp for diamond diggers in 1869. It was named Barkly West in 1870, after Governor Sir Henry Barkly. During the Second Anglo-Boer War it was occupied for four months by Boer forces and during this time was temporarily renamed Nieu-Boshof. (GPS coordinates: 28.5072 S, 24.5014 E).

Delportshoop is situated at the junction of the Harts and Vaal rivers. It developed from a diamond-diggers' camp and is said to have given the name after the first person to find diamonds there. (GPS coordinates: 28.3818 S, 24.2922 E).

Windsorton was established in 1869 as a diamond-diggers' camp, it was first known as Hebron, but renamed after P E Windsor, who had a great role in its further development. The area is also known as Chaib, which is from the Khoikhoi language for 'place of the kudu'. (GPS coordinates: 28.3084 S, 24.6831 E).